About Us

Professional equipment & services for an ever better industry

The Polak Brothers Company is engaged in importing and marketing of technical components, materials and systems, used for a diverse set of electro-mechanics and thermodynamics applications, focused on the HVAC and process manufacturing sectors. The Company represents over 40 leading global manufacturers in Israel, and has highly skilled, specialized sales teams which provide professional consultancy and services in each of the verticals.


Key stats: Group structure:

§ Status: Private

§ Founded: 1935

§ Employees: 50

§ HQ: Petach Tikva, Israel               

Industries: Fields of expertise:


§  Process manufacturing

§  Electronics manufacturers

§  Waste water

§  Healthcare

§  Utilities

§  Automotive

§  Agriculture

§  Industrial refrigeration

§  Air conditioning

§  Ventilation

§  Compact Fans

§  Vacuum Systems

§  Liquid Pumps

§  High Pressure Blowers

§  Specialty Detergents

Top-Tier Global Manufacturers
In each of the verticals the Company is operating in, it provides top-tier professional products from the world’s leading manufacturers. The Company represents and promotes each of its global partners’ interests with diligence and acts as their gateway to Israel.

Gateway to Israel
The Company has a customer-centric approach and a long history of strong relationships with the leading industrial and HVAC companies in Israel. The Company serves over 2,000 yearly active clients and enjoys a sterling reputation which forms the basis for an ever growing business.

Best practices

The Company is focused on continuous improvement of its operations, and is doing so by employing best practices and investing in organizational learning processes.

The Company is certified with the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001: 2000 since 1998.


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